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TEEN WOLF goes to COLLEGE || the fanmix

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Lydia has soap in her hair, and she’s undoubtedly pissed. Derek’s ducking behind his car in horror as Kira mans the hose and Malia takes the crossfire. There’s bubbles, soap, and girlish screams- most coming from Jackson. (Europe changed him, Stiles swears it up and down.) There’s music coming from the radio that’s most likely going to end up fizzing out to a horrible and watery death in mere moments. 

"Scott," Stiles smiles as he grabs another cooler from the icebox and balances it on the old tattered physics textbook that sits on his knee. "I don’t thinks can get any better than this." 

Scott grins down at scene happening in the lawn below them, his arms resting on the lawn chair he’s in as they sit in their usual spot on top the roof of the old frat house that Derek bought and converted into what Stiles titled The Wolf Den.

"I swear to god Whittemore, I will end you!" Malia’s voice echoes and Scott can swear he can hear Derek’s laugh bellow from where he sits. There’s blurs of movement as Kira presses her thumb against the end of the hose and the water hits her targets with even more power and accuracy than before. 

"I’m serious, man." Stiles says leaning back and exposing the now tanned skin of his neck. "We did it. We escaped Beacon Hills." He looks up with a small smirk, "We deserve this." 

Lydia’s on Jackson’s back and he’s threatening to walk back to London. 

"Yeah," Scott agrees finally. "Yeah, we do." 

Derek’s somehow created a truce with Kira and now they’re ganging up on Malia who then yells, “This isn’t even my fault! It was Stiles who borrowed your car, Derek! He took it out and he’s the one who got lost on that back road and didn’t even bother to fill the tank!” 

"Is that so?" Derek’s voice comes. "Hey Stiles!" 

Stiles leans back and groans, “One job, Malia! You had one job!” 

A laugh erupts from Scott’s throat as Derek beckons Stiles down to get his revenge. “How likely do you think I can get out of this?” Stiles asks, and Scott just shakes his head and takes a swig of his beer. “You’re right.” 

He then pushes himself out of his chair, “Come at me, Hale,” and heads back in through window. 

Scott turns his attention back to the sky and smiles. 

Yeah, they definitely deserve this.

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