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Because there are like a dozen new messages asking for random facts in my askbox, I’ll just bullet point 10 out and refuse to answer any more unless bribed with luxurious items or blackmail: 


  • I can’t have milk IN my cereal. I hate soggy cereal. So I just eat cereal with a glass of milk on the side. My mom calls me crazy.
  • I stabbed myself with a pencil once in sixth grade by accident, and there’s still a little grey mark from it on my left thigh. 
  • I like dipping my french fries in honey. It was something my grandfather always did, and it makes me think of him, and it makes me stupidly happy, plus it’s stupidly delicious so. 
  • Speaking of my grandfather, I own a lot of ugly windbreakers that people always comment on when I wear them in public. I usually just shrug it off and say, “It’s cause they’re comfortable.” But they’re also my grandfather’s too. Sometimes I can still smell him when I wear them. I miss the old man more than I’ll ever admit to.
  • I have a severe case of wanderlust. It’s been therapist-confirmed. Basically I find myself having to constantly get lost and get worried and worked up in order not to go crazy. I was told it’s common, and she suggested I sit out on the lakefront at least three times a week- and I do, and it helps. But getting lost on the crowded streets of New Orleans helps even more because I like to pretend I’m somewhere else. I just really, really, really want to travel. 
  • The first song I ever had on my myspace page was T Pain’s “I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper)” I don’t like to talk about it.
  • I didn’t go to school the day after Marissa Cooper died on The OC. That was in early 2006. I was twelve. I cried all day in bed. My mom was generally worried that I had fallen into a real depression. 
  • I thought Ash Ketchum was a real person, and up until I was like 10 years old, I was convinced I’d marry him. I also at one point started an I Hate Misty Club but there was only ever three members and one of them was my dog, so. 
  • I went through a terrible Yellowcard phase, where I was convinced they were the messiah and that I would never listen to anyone else’s music but their’s. There are still pictures of this floating around the internet somewhere. 
  • I wrote/still write a ton of anonymous fanfiction under several different pen names on the internet, and it brings me great joy when I see people complain about how painfully angsty they are and how I should be renamed Satan and sent back to the seventh circle of hell. 

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  1. panickat123 said: my friend does the milk on the side thing with her cereal too but sh does it because she refuses to drink anything other than skim milk, which i dont buy and i went through the same yellowcard phase haha
  2. hamsandwichforluck said: I love the part about the annon fanfics. I giggled a bit,
  3. gunsandhugs said: OH MY GOD i stabbed myself with a pencil in second grade and still have a gray mark on my RIGHT thigh!~ weird
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  6. ednipotent said: The gif being blackmail, but not really.
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