laugh more, worry less.
thanks for your support, jan.

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madison what if morgan freeman is greenberg

it’s not even 1 AM yet where i live i am not sleep deprived enough for this theory

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don’t do this to me

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if i ever get to go to a convention that chris pratt is attending i will get a few friends and dress us all in matching leather jackets and other greaser attire and when chris pratt asks what we’re cosplaying as we’ll snap aggressively in tune at him then turn around to show him the “pratt pack” logo that is bedazzled on our jackets

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you know who else isn’t on the list? GREENBERG.



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omg I just realized Peter is not on the list. *facepalm*

makes peter seem awfully guilty

but also

i feel like peter would have put himself on the list in a regina george / burn book kind of manner just to draw attention away

because can it be that obvious

or is it a trap

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Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills… running for our lives.

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