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Ugly Heart


Listen: G.R.L. - Ugly Heart: Hat tip to Popjustice for this one. It may be jumping of the folksy/twee/ukulele bandwagon a little (you’d be forgiven for thinking the intro was the Bob’s Burgers theme for a second), but “Ugly Heart” is undoubtedly one of the best pure pop songs of the year so far, and the best ode to terrible-but-hot-but-still-terrible people you’ll hear today.


No Sven, we're not going back. She's with her true love.

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hey alright you bunch of punk losers i said i’d do this and everyone else finally did theirs (exCEPT FUCKING ANA) so i’m gonna do mine now alrighty

levi-mcbutters fam (hover u punks)

ana, chloe, hans, izzy, shachar

ace fuckin squad (hover u assholes)

allie, brittany, domo

wolfpack (hover u lil shits)

amanda, brooklyn, chi, christian,  pixierogue, nick, madison

cool nerds (hover u jerks)

alexandra, bclarke, eliana, elizabethkatie, lindseymimisofia

also fuckin cool, can nOT forget these kids

alex, also alex, alyssabritta, chelseadockatiekortneekristie, libby, lydialyra, lizgillzlzgllz , natnicolerenata, peregrymsssonyasophia, sophie

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charlie xcx and miley cyrus mashup



boom boom 


boom de clap de clap

the sound of my 

boom-boom clap

boom de clap de clap

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what happened w the iclouds?

A ton of female celebrities’ iclouds got hacked today and the hacker released nudes. Some were fake, some, unfortunately, real. :/

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i really just hope all the famous ladies who had their privacy violated today get together and create a gang to destroy whoever thought it was okay to hack into their iclouds like that

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@seanagorlick: Tyler Bond and his women [x]
@seanagorlick: Tyler Bond and his women [x]

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"Being Tyler Posey" airs September 7th @ 9/10 pm [x]

Mark your calendars guys! 


"Being Tyler Posey" airs September 7th @ 9/10 pm [x]

Mark your calendars guys! 


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